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About me

As the adjacent images illustrate, I have been fascinated with the creation and manipulation of sound since I can remember. My experiences performing and absorbing music as a youngster ignited my passion for audio further, eventually leading me to a career in recording studios where there were ample knobs to adjust. Along the way, I have been privileged to meet and be mentored by many of the industry legends who inspired me to enter this path to begin with, and collaborated with incredible artists that brought truly magical moments into my life. They enriched my perspective on the craft and power of sound to a degree I can't quite put into words.

In addition to my work as an audio producer, I have also had the opportunity as a teacher to share my passion for sound with the next generation of creators. I began this adventure in 1999 at the newly founded Ex'pression Center for Digital Arts as an instructor teaching studio labs, and left Ex'pression College in 2016 as the Director of the Audio Program. My colleagues and I created an industry-vetted, intensive, and innovative production curriculum that produced top-notch graduates who began their careers in some of the most influential studios and companies around the country. I am extremely proud of their accomplishments and grateful to have played a role in their success. Being an educator developed my own skills in ways I never anticipated; I'm humbled by the lessons taught to me by students in both the classroom and in the thousands of recording, mixing and mastering sessions we shared together.

When I'm not occupied creating music, doing acoustical consulting, integrating (CTS certified), or being a personal assistant to several animals, I'm an avid consumer of cinema, gaming, journalism, politics, integral philosophy, and exploring one of the most lovely places in the world – the San Francisco Bay Area.

The more things change...

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